Wednesday, April 1, 2009


we just went grocery shopping.
it too was better.

and now that I have blogged about it,
next time will be bad again.

oh yes, very bad!

but for now, I am soaking in the good trip!

Tera, we didn't go potty and we hit two stores (Aldi is a must now, I'm addicted).
I thought, if Tera's girls can hold it, so can mine and by golly, THEY DID (and miraculously didn't have to go when we got home either!).


Tisha said...

Good for you! Those good (or not bad) grocery store outings are worth celebrating for sure! We too avoid the bathrooms at ALL costs...just takes way too long with too much headache.

Tera said...

HOORAY HOORAY!! Now I'll let you in on another secret... My kids LOVE gum, I monitor it closely trust me, but the better they are in the store and the more helpful they are the more likely they are to get that treat when we are done. Even my 2 year old (Kaden) understands when I say 'stop crying or you will not get gum!' It has really made shopping a breeze. And our dentist says that sugar free gum with xylitol (orbit, or carefree coolers) are great for teeth, we personally like extra. So there is another secret from my stash of what works in my life of 5 kids who are all under 7! GREAT JOB!!

Holly said...

oh, we totally do the gum thing and it usually works....there are just 'those' times!!