Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving.

Canadian Thanksgiving that is.

I'm stuffed and I want to put out there that everyone needs a Canadian friend.

I will now get to enjoy the entire Thanksgiving meal 2 times this season.

Oh!? Today was Columbus Day?

Yeah, well, he doesn't have a yummy meal associated with his day so we chose the more obvious choice.

see, when was the last time Columbus Day looked this yummy:

 the hostesses:
thanks Ben and Crystal!!!
 yours truly made all them there pies!

 thanks for helping clean up Shannon ;-)

uh...and the kids were all there.
I swear.
there were nine of them!
they were very very busy and not by us, which is, I think, why there aren't any pictures of them!
how weird!
I remember a day when parties like this were very very different and I was ALWAYS by the kids or the kids were leached to my legs, arms, midsection, head, pinkie, earlobe, etc...where ever they could grab on.
Ah. Times have changed.

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Missy said...

Ooohhh!! How fun!

And that's a lot of pies! Looks delicious!