Thursday, October 25, 2012


The girls and I went hunting for a new place to take pictures today.
I'd seen this beautiful park online and we were about 5 minutes from it, we just went.

It was beautiful.
So so beautiful.
Perfect for pictures!

While there we happened upon this odd looking building.
It looked like an old farm or really short corn silo or something along those lines.

We found the little historical was not a silo. It was not a farm.

It had been a few things but what it's most known for, what it was last used as?

A Women's Suffrage Prison in 1917.

Why am I just now, at 33 yrs old, learning that in our nation's history, women were put in prison, beat, brutally force-fed, kicked, pinched, had their heads slammed against prison walls, etc....for picketing?

Before I go any further.
Just when I can't think that history of man kind can floor me any more, I stumble upon random prisons.
People, their commitment, their passion, God's timing with their places in so incredible.

Ladies...I know it's too little too late, but thank you.

And then I come home and Jake shows me this atrocity:
Obama Campaign Releases Double Entendre Ad About Voting  (DO NOT CLICK ON THIS WITH YOUNG EYES - ESPECIALLY MALE - is so incredibly inappropriate)

I was embarrassed that I didn't know our country had done this to women.
I was sick over it.

But to see that this is where we've come, this is what we're doing with our freedom?

Much much sicker.

I'm pretty sure this is NOT what those women went to prison for.
I'm pretty sure that is the most embarrassing thing that my gender could have possibly done for our country.
I'm pretty sure that I will be embarrassed to have that 'team' as my President knowing they endorse this kind of....I don't even know the word.

I don't mean this to be a political statement, I know it is.
And if that's the way it's taken, whatever.

I just mean to communicate how much more sad I'll be for our country if we lower the bar like this for one more term.

Tip of the iceberg in my heart about all this political stuff going on right now but I couldn't help point out that the exact day I find this prison is the exact day the Obama Campaign releases the particular video.

And I felt the need to share my shock with you........

Now that you're sad and all upset too let's remember that it's truly in God's hands.  ALL of history.  ALL of it.

now, go vote...for someone, anyone, but VOTE...these women went to prison for it, let's say thank you with our rights.


Liza said...

Well said, sister suffragette.

Denise said...

I watched the video. I literally want to throw up. I hadn't seen it.

I love your heart...thanks for making me more aware!

i'm beccy. said...

What a great place to take pictures of your girls and let them know of their American heritage! We have so many amazing women who have gone before us with sufferage, improving the lives of prisoners, improving healthcare, abolition of slavery... Those sure are oddly shaped buildings compared to modern architecture.