Thursday, January 10, 2013

and here we go.....

1. they sent FIVE packers.
never seen that many at one time before.
the most I've ever had was three and I was pumped about it.
they've planned two days to pack but my guess is that with five dudes, we'll be done today.

2.  they switched the loading day to Saturday instead of Monday and Tuesday....which means we gained two days....dude....THAT. DOES. NOT. HAPPEN.

3.  I am feeling sick but like I'm just gonna get stuck in the 'I'm about to get sick' stage and maybe it will just pass.
Samantha is back to 100%, all the other girls holding, Jake is well.

4.  the weather is beautiful for January!
(upper 40's)

5.  Your prayers and encouragement are literally holding us right now....we are all in great spirits and still like each other.
This is good.  This is miraculous.....and if you've ever done this, you are laughing with me right now ;-)

6.  We have a regular United Nations over here right now...Russian, Bolivian, African American.
Someone asked Jake a question in Spanish and he answered it in English.
Oh DC...we're gonna miss you....

let's do this!

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