Friday, January 11, 2013

good vs. bad


Our packers completely finished packing our house in one 8 hour day.
They came, they packed, they went.
They were scheduled to pack for two days which means we got a 'free' day out of the deal.
The moving truck isn't due until Saturday.


I spent the entire night kneeling to the porcelain throne.
I lost count after 25 trips to the bathroom. (sorry if that's TMI, I'm trying to be discreet, really, I am)

I woke up dehydrated, obviously, but was afraid to go to the ER and catch something else!
My stomach settled down enough to keep some Vitamin Water after four of those and some water, my pulse and fingernails were back to normal.

I spent the rest of the day battling a low grade fever on and off and fending off body aches.

No free day after all.

For reals.

Jake was amazing.
Took care of the girls in a house full of boxes, all day long!!!!!
They were hilarious to listen to all day.

Praying I will wake up able to function for the loading day tomorrow.....


Tisha said...

Oh, bad timing! Not that there's ever good timing for that sort of thing...Glad you are on the mend!

Missy said...

Yikes girl. So sorry. Now you may not want to hear this, but truly, I can even see the Lord's mercy in what happened...

I mean, He knew before you what was about to happen inside your body b/c He sees every crevice of who we are. And in His great mercy he sent five packers to your house to pack you up in ONE day. Talk about record time. Knowing that by night fall you would be frail and sick and needing your now free day, to recover without strangers in your home. You were able to take this free day to rest in the safety and ease of your family so that you may be more equipped to handle what may be needed of you on loading day. I mean "just so happen" to get your free day at the exact time that you would need it.

What love and care from the Lord. What incredible mercy. It's still like 4am for you, but I'll be saying some prayers that you'll wake up strong, and will be praising God for His great provision over you!

Liz W. said...

Yup, what Melissa said!

Hope loading goes smoothly. I'm trying to be excited for you, but I'm just getting sad over here :-(